Transport Inside Sipadan


Sipadan Island is known for its size and nature. It is actually a very small island with limited resources where it is very much a destination for scuba divers around the world. Renowned for being one of the top 5 dive sites in the world, it was once a luxury to stay in Sipadan Island itself but this has been revoked for safety reasons and as a precautionary measure. This means that there is a limit as to how many visitors can come to Sipadan Island each day which is at 120. There are no roads in Sipadan Island for vehicles which means you are very much on your own once you reach.

On Foot

Once you have hopped off at Sipadan Island, you are very much on your own to get around on foot. The island is very small which means that if you take your time, you could very much explore the land area within a few hours of walking. The best places around here are chalets that are built on stilts where you can walk around and enjoy the sights or you can explore into the island where you will see some very interesting flora and fauna.

Travel On Sea

Getting around in Sipadan Island is possible by boats but this is basically to get you to other nearby islands. In most cases, those coming here for scuba diving will engage dive boats from their respective resorts. They will take you between the islands like Mabul which is about 25 minutes ride away. Meanwhile, if you are planning to head to Kapalai Island, the boat ride takes about 15 minutes while there are islands like Pompong and Mataking which are both located further away, taking about 1 to 2 hours to reach. Besides that, a boat ride from Semporna town in the mainland takes about half an hour. Another way of getting around here is by using chartered speedboats which will get you around Sipadan Island. They are usually available for trips to the nearby islands as well where you can decide the time of travel and where you would like to hop-off.