Things to see and do in Sipadan


Sipadan Island is the best place for scuba diving. Those who visit the island will come here mainly for this reason although some can choose to just enjoy the natural wonders of the island. Besides that, there are basically nothing much you can do at Sipadan because it is relatively small and has no operating resorts.

Beach in Sipadan

What you get when you reach Sipadan is a beautiful beach area where you can just sit and wander along. The white and sandy beach here is a great place to take photographs and to enjoy some of the most scenic landscapes of the sea and land.

Water Sports in the Island

As there are no resorts in Sipadan Island, you might find it hard to get any water sports here. However, if you are around Mataking Island, kayaking is available where you can rent one of these to paddle out into the waters. Besides that, you can go with the fishing trips through special arrangements.

From the beaches of Sipadan Island, you can go snorkelling as the reef is very near. If you are lucky, you could spot baby sharks or turtles but in order to snorkel, you will need to arrange that with the dive tour operators from nearby islands or mainland at Semporna which include gear rental and transportation at around RM450 per trip.

Jungle Trekking Fans can have fun too!

If you like to get into the jungles and within the trees, you can do so in Sipadan but you will practically be going in on your own. For a more ‘guided’ trail, you will need to do so in other islands.

Diving, the best diving spot ever

This is perhaps the highlight of your trip to Sipadan Island. Anyone who has dived here previously will be able to tell you how beautiful the waterbed can be. Touted as one of the best dive sites in the world, what you get is dive spots catered for just about anyone. Being a protected site, the government only allows 120 divers per day between 8.00am to 3.00pm each day. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned diver, operators are always available to bring you here and enjoy the deep sea water-life. Just be sure to get your permits beforehand.