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Best time – You can practically come here all throughout the year. The mid-year months between April and September would be ideal with July and August being the perfect diving months. This is because that is when you get calm waters in the sea and when rainfall is at the lowest. The year-end between October through to January meanwhile might not be the best as there might be heavy rainfall.

Weather – Like any other places around Malaysia, Sipadan Island experiences a tropical climate all year-round. The average temperature here is about 27 degrees Celsius with heavy rainfall around the end of the year.

Communications – All the resorts come with telephone and mobile network access. You can expect some internet connections although you cannot count on them to be too stable.

Health – There are no major health threats here. However, if you are going to dive, check with your doctor on what medication to take to counter any problems. There are several clinics and health centres for basic medication treatment.

Hygiene – You can purchase drinking bottled water from most shops. The tap water is quite safe for drinking but the common practice is to boil them before consuming.

Electricity – The current here is 22V, 50 cycles using the Commonwealth plug designs. If you are from a country that uses otherwise, you should use a current converter or buy one at the convenience stores.

Language – The locals speak Bahasa Malaysia but you can very much get around with English Language as most will be able to understand and converse with this.

Drugs – Be careful with this as drug trafficking is an offence punishable by the death penalty under Malaysian Law.

Money – The currency used here (and in other parts of Malaysia) is the Malaysian Ringgit (RM). You do not need to carry much cash with you when you visit Sipadan Island as there are nothing much to buy or pay for. You can change currency at the Bureau de Change or banks at the towns or the resorts. Major credit cards are accepted for payment of accommodation and other purchases although most restaurants only accept cash.

Shopping – There is nothing to buy or shop for in Sipadan Island. If you are looking for souvenirs or something to bring home with, you can find some boutique shops or retail outlets at the resorts which usually sell toiletries and daily essentials.

Clothing – There are no dress-codes implied in Sipadan Island but you have to be mindful not to wear too revealing clothing in the midst of the locals as it could be offensive to their Muslim culture.