Food in Sipadan Island


One thing to note, as there are no resorts in Sipadan Island, finding food is almost impossible. This is mainly for preservation purposes to avoid visitors throwing rubbish into the sea waters or around the island which has happened in the past. If you are visiting Sipadan Island on a day trip here, you will have to bring your own food or pack a meal or two and then bring the waste back with you. The only places you can find locations for a decent meal would be at the spots where you came from.

The best food in the island, Semporna Town

Seafood and Chinese – As it is naturally a coastal town, you will find some very nice restaurants that serve seafood. Sipadan Inn 2 is one of the places you can go to savour the local seafood cooking but this place can be quite pricey though.

Around Semporna, there are quite a lot of Chinese seafood restaurants which are located around the seaside of which some are connected to the dive operators’ outlets. The same concept applies here where you must check the price before dining. One place to take note of is at the Ocean Treasure Live Seafood Restaurant which is just next to Sipadan Inn 2 where the pricing is quite decent.

Snacks – When you are wandering around Semporna town, take note of certain stalls by the roadside where you could spot some that sells the local favourite, pisang goreng or fried banana. This is an extremely cheap snack which is usually less than 50sen each. Along these stalls, you could spot some who sell Bakso (a type of Indonesian soup with noodles) and the Nasi Kuning or Yellow Rice very popular for breakfasts. At nightfall, you can find roasted chicken and grilled fish too.

Western – You can find a nice place to enjoy continental dishes and seafood at Arthur’s Bar around the same vicinity as Scuba Junkies but this can be quite pricey or head out to Scuba Junkie Bar & Restaurant which is quite popular for its pizza and steaks as well as drawing the crowd in on Fridays with live music.

Mabul and Kapalai Islands – There are no dedicated restaurants or places to eat in the islands. What you get here are basically food that are provided at the places to stay which are usually included in the package you opted for. You can request for additional items to be packed and brought with you during your trips to Sipadan though as it is a very common practice.