Sipadan Island Online


Sipadan Island is very much synonymous with deep sea diving and that is what you get when you say this to anyone who is a diver (or at least dived once!). Sipadan Island or Pulau Sipadan has been a centre of attention for various reasons. Among them include causing the tension between Malaysia and Indonesia once over dispute on who owns it. It was then concluded that Malaysia is the rightful owner of Sipadan Island while even the Philippines joined in the fray then. Besides that, there were cases of kidnapping by the Abu Sayyaf terrorist group although this is now very much under control from the Malaysian enforcement agencies.

On the other side of the spectrum, Sipadan Island is among the most beautiful places on earth. It was declared as a bird sanctuary while being used in movies and films. Those who have dived here would testify that they have seen some of the most beautiful hammerhead sharks, parrotfish schools and amazing reef walls, images that you usually seen only in photos and pictures.

Tourists from all over the world visit Sipadan Island

Sipadan Island has been given all sorts of title in the diver’s community. It has been known tob e one of the top 5 diving spots in the world while some even claim that it is the top. As such, foreign divers will come here whenever they can while there are various spots here catered for divers from all levels. Besides that, you will find the lush vegetation of rainforest jungle on the land with a myriad of flora and fauna like sea-eagles, kingfishers while turtles are known to come ashore to lay eggs.

When to visit Sipadan?

Located off the coast in East Malaysia, Sipadan Island experiences the usual monsoon rain of the South China Sea. This means that you should not come by around the year end from November all the way to early March. The best time to come is in the mid-year around April to August. July and August are known to be the best months for diving because you get water when they are calmest and the weather is perfect for a day out in the sun with very minimal rain.